Bryn's Candy

Wednesday, April 16th, is my Bryn's 7th birthday. But it will be the second time we've had to celebrate without her. Last year, with LOTS of help, we put a flower garden on the fence of the Kindergarten she was supposed to go to.

It took me a lot longer to decide how to celebrate this year. I could never find the perfect project, and well honestly, I just ran out of energy to organize something huge. But with your help, we can still do something pretty cool.

I love you more than candy... that's what she said when I tucked her in at night. So this year, we're going to spread love and happiness through candy, and Bryn would have LOVED it!

I scoured Ravelry and  found two free candy crochet patterns on Ravelry that remind me of Bryn.
Here's what you do:
Thank you for your help! I can't put into words how much it means to me that you're willing to help me celebrate my amazing daughter and keep her memory alive.

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Update: I did it! I actually finished making all the candies I had hoped to for her birthday tomorrow. If you want to leave a note with your ‪#‎brynscandy‬ tomorrow and aren't sure what to say, here's something I just wrote...

For Bryn, a girl who loved life, lived big, and shared smiles. Here's a handmade candy to celebrate and spread love on her birthday. She isn't here so we'll do it for her. I love you more than candy.



An idea... thousands of messages... a year and a half... one country singer... the dream came true!

Zac Brown honoring my daughter Bryn by wearing the hat I made him.
I'm in tears and a bit of shock as I write this. Forgive me if my words are inadequate.

It started a year and a half ago on a particularly hard day. I had just released my Shockwave Beanie pattern and the picture I posted of my husband reminded one fan of Zac Brown. She had the crazy idea of sending him a hat in hope that he would wear it in memory of my daughter Bryn. The idea grew and became a campaign. My family, friends, and of course my fans got involved and flooded the band's Facebook page, Twitter, and website asking for a response. 

We waited, but never heard back. And I was ok with that. Maybe a little disappointed, but the point of the whole thing was to remember Bryn and help lift my spirits during an impossibly difficult time. You did that tenfold, so for me it was already in part a success.

Back to my amazing fans. A few very dedicated and loving people continued on the hunt to find someone, anyone, who could get the hat in Zac Brown's hands. A full year later, one found success. I got in touch with a friend of Zac's who volunteered to do whatever he could to help. I immediately made two new hats to send, the original Shockwave and an Avalanche, to give him a choice. I also couldn't resist making a matching one for his baby boy on the way. 

More waiting. I thought about the campaign off and on, I'd get the occasional message that someone saw him wearing my beanie only to find out that it wasn't. But again, I was honored to have come so far with the dream. 

Yesterday it came true. I got a message of another sighting and I thought, "here it comes, another false alarm." I watched the video and as the camera panned in I thought, this might be it but it was still too far away. And then I saw it. Instantly I had tears running down my cheeks through my smile. I felt overwhelming joy knowing that he was giving Bryn this little shoutout. For a brief moment, she touched his life too. It was like an inside secret and the feeling is indescribable. I feel like I'm on the cover of the Rolling Stone!!!

Thank you's seem trivial, but they truly come from my heart to the woman with the idea, the fans who jumped in, the woman who wouldn't give up, the man who volunteered, and of course Zac Brown himself.

It still amazes and overwhelms me that so many people did all they could to make this one idea happen. It's a testament to the caring and support of our little community. And it was for my girl. Even though Bryn's not here, her spirit will continue to bring smiles, love, and sparkles forever. She and God are definitely watching me smile today. Mommy loves you more than candy.

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Outfitters Braided Headband Kit Giveaway

You know that feeling when you're done with a big project and all you can think about is climbing a mountain and shouting that not only did you finish, but you're pretty proud of the results? Is that just me? Well even though there are mountains all around me, I'm far too out of shape to summit one. So here's me shouting! In anticipation of the release of my new pattern on Monday, I put together a kit for one lucky winner including everything you'll need to make your Outfitters Braided Headband.

Outfitters Braided Headband Kit:

  1. A  printed copy of the Outfitters Braided Headband pattern, including over 100 tutorial photos.
  2. 1 Skein of Hand-Dyed Yarn by Yarn Baby, LLC - superwash merino, worsted weight, 100 yards. Super soft and squishy!
  3. 1 "Single" Yarn Pop Yarn Tote in Pink Interlock - Unique, Contemporary & Bold. Yarn Pop makes it easy to stay organized while crocheting on-the-go.
  4. 2 ChiaoGoo Bamboo crochet hooks - size K/10.5 - 6.5mm & size L/11 - 8.0mm
  5. 1 5' Measuring Tape
  6. 1 Mini Digital Finger Ring Row Counter
  7. Assorted Playin' Hooky Gear - 2 Stickers, 1 Pin, 1 Button
  8. Set of 16 Clover Interlocking Stitch Markers 

Outfitters Headband
Design Details:

  • Yes, it's crochet! It's tunisian.
  • 3 ways to braid.
  • 2 different closures.
  • 3 sizes: Toddler, Kids, Adults
  • It's reversible (whaaat?!)

The Fine Print:

  • Use Rafflecopter to the right to enter!
  • Open to all countries with no shipping costs.
  • Must be 18 to enter.
  • Winner will be contacted on Monday, 3/31/14.
  • Winner has 24 hours to claim prize. If it's not claimed another winner will be chosen.
A HUGE thank you to Amanda Wilson Photography for knowing exactly how I wanted the pictures to look (even when I didn't know myself) and taking magazine-worthy shots!

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Friends don't let friends crochet naked

You might need a hoodie... or maybe a tee, but wherever you live, PLAYIN' HOOKY you'll be!

Ok, so I wrote that before I had any coffee this morning. I'm sorry. BUT hopefully it grabbed your attention because, get ready... it's Playin' Hooky Tee and Hoodie Week!!

Get your gear with short sleeves or long sleeves, zipper or pocket, in all sizes for one week only. The listings will be available through Saturday. Each item is hand screen-printed by a local artist on high quality Gildan fabric. Check each listing for more sizing and product details.

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Spot the tee at tea (possibly one of my favorite sightings ever!)